Your source for classic Christmas poems

As Dew In Aprille - anonymous

Bethlehem and Calvary - Winifred Cannon

The Cherry Tree Carol - anonymous

A Christmas Carol - G.K. Chesterton

A Christmas Carol - May Probyn

A Christmas Carol - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A Christmas Eve Choral - Bliss Carman

A Christmas Hymn - Richard Wilber

Christmas - Gertrude Von Le Fort

Christmas Bells - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Christmas Eve - Liam P. Clancy

Christmas Madonna - Albert Joseph Herbert

The Christmas Silence - Jessica Powers

Cradle Song of Mary's Beloved - Patrick K. O'Horan

The First Christmas - Love Was There - Albert Joseph Herbert

Five Carols For Christmastide - Louise Imogen Guiney

For You - anonymous

A Gaelic Christmas - Liam P.Clancy

The Gift of God - Mary Fabyan Windeatt

Gloria In Excelsis Deo! - Mary O'Reilly

Let Us Go Over To Bethlehem - Mary Catherine Brennan

Madonna and Child - Frederick M. Lynk

Manger Song - Frederick M. Lynk

Mary and the Magi - Cyril Robert

Mary and the Innkeeper's Wife - Marilyn Eynon Scott

Mary of Christmas - anonymous

Mary Speaks - Regina Kelly

Mary Today - Mary McDevitt

A Moment of Nativity - Virginia Kimball

Nativity Song - Jacopone da Todi

The Shepherd Boy's Gift - Edith Hume

The Stable - M. Chrysostom

That Midnight Hour - Frederick M. Lynk

The Three Kings - Michael J. Urbonas

To Mary - Mary Elena

To Mary At Christmas - John Gilland Brunini

The Oxen - Thomas Hardy

Wishing - Agnes Mary

Wonder - Nancy Buckley

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